Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Great Onpage SEO Techniques For Better Ranking

What is on page SEO actually means? Onpage SEO defines that to optimize the website in order to get top search engine rankings. A perfect On- page SEO makes your website always in top results. We have seen lot of reference for doing onpage techniques, some of them have good results and others have don't. You must follow a strategic planning for, implementing On page SEO and can show a proven result. 

onpage seo

At the first step of planning, we should have a complete idea of content on our website. Then we have to take what are the keywords we have to rank in the search engines. Collect all the keywords with matches on our website and check whether the keywords are competitive and also they have a good searches with low competition.You can check the keyword trends, Keyword ideas and analysis by tools like a Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and Keyword Research.

onpage seo planning

We have to effectively do On-Page SEO with rich more content on our website, ranks better in search results. On-page is so important as well as users and search engines. We have to tell the search engines about what exactly our website and which keywords are targeting. So before we start off-page SEO, Onpage should be done in the prior lists. It's more important that while we doing onpage SEO target the right audience and makes the users to click through our website. It needs to be well optimized titles and meta descriptions that match your SEO goal. 

Onpage Ranking Factors

                            onpage ranking factors

  • Unique Page Title
  • Good Url Structure
  • Attractive Descriptions
  • Relevancy & Content of page
  • Alt text in Images
  • Internal Linking
  • Keyword Density
  • Use Keywords in website content
  • Text format using H1 & H2 tags

So when it comes to SEO Onpage it becomes hard to find the keywords and difficult for keyword placement.But if you have the key ideas to implement it easy for you to optimize your website and gets top rankings and online presence in search results.