Friday, 19 May 2017

Google Fred Update : The Most Important Algorithm Update in 2017

As it comes to SEO, there are 200 plus algorithm changes everyday. Today am talking about the most important algorithm update confirmed by Google. The Google Fred Update is the most important algorithm changes confirmed by google in the month of March 2017. Google's most ranking factors as it comes in SEO is the website content. While doing SEO for any website, fresh, rich content is the valuable one for users. If we use less quality links or bad quality content seriously affects the ranking and will get penalized.

On March 7, 2017 Google confirmed about the new Fred update for the low value content which is not focused on users, only looking for ranking their website in the search engines will be penalized. Today, most of the websites are looking to rank in search engines without looking the quality of the content and the links. As we can see from March month onwards there is 50% to 90% traffic declines from google search. Therefore, as we all know the "Fred" is here, which is also be a new update of Google Penquin and lets see what are the changes that going to be happen.